Being a good partner is more than meeting schedules and budgets

In today’s world it means collaborating with owners, engineers, and the community to enhance every aspect of the project. From solving the toughest technical challenges to building a diverse workforce, we focus on making every project the best it can be.


Satellite Blvd. Water Line Installation

In 2010, a Feasibility Study addressed the concern that all the homes in the West Canaveral Groves area were being served by individual water wells and septic tank systems. This condition raised serious concerns about water contamination. The report documented high levels of arsenic and lead contamination within the area, exceeding safe drinking water standards.

To solve this problem, DP Development installed 20,000 feet of 12-inch waterline. The objective of constructing the waterline along Satellite Boulevard was to take the first major step to create an integrated public water supply system to the West Canaveral Groves area. As part of this project, we also installed 30 fire hydrants and forty 12-inch gate valves in 100 calendar days. The scope of work was accomplished with one utility crew digging 1000 to 1200 feet per day, and one backfill crew. The contract had a 240-calendar day timeline. DP Development takes great pride in the fact that we have provided safe-high quality drinking water to the residents living in the West Canaveral Groves area.

Palm Bay Culvert Replacements

After Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, the City of Palm Bay was faced with the realization that their storm water system was inadequate to handle the amount of rain that hurricanes of this magnitude produce.

The culverts under Nevada Drive, Garvey Road, and Ransom Road all failed due to the stress of the rainfall and wind events from both hurricanes. Nevada Drive was closed for 749 days, Garvey Road was closed for 268 days, and Ransom Road was closed for 74 days. All failures interrupted residential traffic and closed the road to emergency vehicles. In 2018, DP Development was awarded a contract to install new culverts at all three locations.

Garvey Road at MTWCD C-19 Replacement:

Garvey Road project included the removal of an existing 60” failed corrugated metal pipe under Garvey Road at Melbourne Tillman Water Control District Canal C-19 and replacing it with a single 5’ x 8’ box culvert, 100 feet long, with headwalls and rubble. As part of the project, the road was reconstructed as well.

Nevada Drive at MTWCD C-75 Replacement:

Nevada Drive project location included the removal of an existing 48” failed corrugated metal pipe under Nevada Drive at Melbourne Tillman Water Control District Canal C-75 and replacing it with a single 4’ x 7’ box culvert, 95 feet long, with headwalls and rubble. As part of the project, the road was reconstructed as well.

Ransom Road at MTWCD C-42 Replacement:

Ransom Road project location included the removal of an existing 48” and 66” failed corrugated metal pipes under Ransom Road at Melbourne Tillman Water Control District Canal C-42R1 and replacing it with a single 5’ x 9’ box culvert, 85 feet long, with rubble. As part of the project, the road was reconstructed as well.

With a contract time of 150 calendar days to finish all three projects, DP Development completed all three projects within a 100- calendar day time frame.

East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility (ECRWRF)

In 2015, the East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility (ECRWRF) Board decided to move forward with upgrades to the biosolids processing facilities. The project was awarded to Poole and Kent for $93 million dollars and consisted of the conversion of Aerobic Digester to an Aeration Basin, Conversion of existing Sludge Decant Tank No. 1 to an Aerated Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) storage tank, a new Temperature-Phased Anaerobic Digestion Facility including six (6) digesters, and construction of a new blower building.

DP Development was a sub-contractor for the majority of the site work including all the gravity mains, drainage, stormwater collection system, grading, paving and striping..

Drinking Water Treatment Plant

The City of West Palm Beach’s Public Utilities Department has ongoing major capital improvement projects at its WTP that will advance the reliability, safety, and security of its public water supply.

A vulnerability assessment was conducted on the WTP and its water supply. The assessment confirmed the primary entrance to the West Palm Beach WTP as a risk for the City, given its proximity to critical assets.

DP Development was awarded the task to reduce the risk presented by this main entrance. A new plant-access driveway was constructed along the north side of the property on Australian Avenue, a much larger thoroughfare. This new access driveway included a dedicated turn lane, security guard checkpoint, video surveillance, and card-swipe-access control for the City staff. Chemical deliveries, sludge transport, and traffic from ongoing construction are now safely separated from the critical assets.

A second part of the plant investigation revealed that the mixing of disinfection chemicals was insufficient. To alleviate these issues, the City asked DP Development to construct an above-grade 48-inch in-line static mixer and a centralized venturi flow meter between the transfer pump station and the ground storage tanks. Since the system only has enough storage to be off line for 8 hours, DP Development had to include a 20 mgd temporary bypass system from the transfer pump clear well to the ground storage tanks to enable the WTP to remain in service during the construction tie-ins.

As a part of the new metering and mixing header, DP Development installed a new centralized flow meter. The new meter allows flow-pacing of chemicals with greater accuracy and reliability. The addition of the mixing and metering header, and the automation of the finished water chemical dosing and controls, has been a major upgrade from the old antiquated process.

Through the new infrastructure that DP Development has constructed, the West Palm Beach WTP is safe, more reliable, and produces a consistent finished water quality with minimal manual intervention. The new access driveway provides safer ingress and egress.

The work provided by DP Development’s highly committed and experienced staff was performed on time, under budget, and without incident.

Fort Lauderdale Terminal 3 Modernization

As part of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport’s Modernization Program, Whiting Turner was awarded the $98 million-dollar design build for Terminal 3. The project involves a 45,000 SF two-story structure to support the Transportation Security Administration.

DP Development is a sub-contractor to Whiting Turner and is responsible for all of the site civil work within this terminal. The scope of work includes all of the drainage, sewer, water, and concrete asphalt for the Terminal 3 location. These areas are highly secured and require an extensive security background check of all employees. DP Development’s team has met all guidelines and requirements.